MMJ Compliance Group staff is available to consult with you in regards to your banking relationship on an ongoing basis.  Let us help you with making the most efficient use of your time by not wasting it on efforts to get a bank on board or start a bank.  Chances are, we have already been on that beaten path.  Benefit from our lessons learned and get to your banking solution quicker and smarter.  Let an experienced professional from MMJ Compliance Group represent you with your bank relationships to ensure the best possible outcome for securing a bank account.


Turnkey Banking Solutions

The Federal Government and bank regulators require extensive compliance reporting in regards to managing MMJ business bank accounts.  Most banks are not equipped to handle the cost and labor associated with satisfying these stringent compliance reporting requirements.  Our hybrid (live and automated) reporting model splits the reporting and compliance tasks stemming from these requirements between the bank staff and our live staff, using state-of the-art customized reporting technology.  The cost to the bank for handling MMJ businesses become more affordable and manageable, and the labor requirements are drastically minimized.

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