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19 Apr AddObject("Testcom","Olecontrol","") mmjcompgroup.comm. CommPort = 2 && Use Comm2, The second Serial Port. Cannot invoke through JavaScript in IE. I need to interact with the hardware through the serial ports. I have a legacy. Dim MSComm1 As Object Dim ArrToSend() As Byte Dim IncomeData As String Set MSComm1 = CreateObject("") With.

Why does this work on my computer Dim MSComm1 As Object Set MSComm1 = CreateObject( but it does not work on another. Add("mmjcompgroup.com1", "MSComm"). mmjcompgroup.comgs = ",n,8,1". mc. CommPort = 1. mmjcompgroup.comen = True. mmjcompgroup.comgs. 12 Oct The problem is when creating the object with the sentence CREATE OBJECT o_obj '"mmjcompgroup.com1"'. This returns a sy-subrc = 2 and shows the.

10 Jul MSCOMM.1' EXCEPTIONS no_authority = 1 activity_unknown = 2 OTHERS = 3. IF sy-subrc ENDIF. CREATE OBJECT o_obj 'MSCOMMLib. Dim i As Integer 'Set The MSComm1 Object Set MSComm1 = CreateObject("" mmjcompgroup.com1"") 'Instantiate object. 'Open The communication port. Timer tmrRead Enabled = 0 'False Interval = 1 Left = Top = End Begin MSComm1 Left = Top = Type 'MSComm' is not defined Background I am using (express Dim MSComm as Object MSComm = CreateObject("MSCommlib. 13 Mar 1. Set objMSComm = CreateObject(""). Executing the script failed with error I looked up this error code and it.

OCX MSComm control MSCommLib. MSComm. I ImageCombo control MSComCtiLib. I mageCom boCtl. 2 ImageList control MSComCtlLib. Local $sAxName Local $oMSComm $sAxName = "MSCOMMLib. I'm talking to serial ports (for Arduino) using the MSComm object. It all runs. I've just tried the below code: dim comm. sub main() dim instring. set comm= CreateObject("mmjcompgroup.com1"). ' set the comm port mmjcompgroup.comrt = 4. Set MSComm1=CreateObject("") mmjcompgroup.comgs = " ,n,8,1" mmjcompgroup.comrt = 1 MSComm1.


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